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Semi drying oils Soya-,Sunflower-Saflower oil Water emulsifiable

Semi-drying oils - Soyabean, sunflower and safflower
Generally supplied as refined oils characterised by pale colours, low odour and low acidity. These oils have an iodine value in the range of 130 - 150 and as a result are slow drying giving a soft film. However, their non-yellowing properties are very good. They find extensive use in alkyd production (see before). They may be added to drying oil formulations as a means of controlling drying times. Refined safflower and sunflower oils are used in the manufacture of white oil paints for artists. Here the non-yellowing properties are much more important than drying time.

Soya stand oils are also available - again used extensively in alkyd manufacture. They may also be used as substitutes for linseed stand oil as a drying time regulator and to reduce yellowing.


 Water emulsifiable drying (linseed, linseed stand oil) and semi-drying (soyabean, safflower, sunflower) oils, can be used in surface coatings and paint formulations. The water emulsifiable oils retain the properties associated with their equivalent grade of oil (i.e. drying properties, solubilities, gloss, durability etc.).


The main advantage is that the need for traditional solvents such as white spirit can be effectively eliminated which leads to the following benefits:

- zero V.O.C. (volatile organic content)
- eliminates health risks associated with solvents e.g. respiratory problems, etc.
- environmentally friendly – solvent free and expected to be 100% biodegradable in nature
- brushes and other equipment can be easily cleaned with water
- minimises fire risk (very high flash point) by eliminating solvent

Emulsifiable oils have found particular success when used in artist’s oil paints. Emulsifiable linseed oil has also been used as the drying component in latex based paints.